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Egypt: Wind Energy capacity in the Arab World

Published at: Feb 27, 2011
source: WWEA

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At the end of 2010, the Arab world had a total installed wind energy capacity of 857.9MW.  Most of this can be found in Egypt where up to 2010 550MW has gradually been installed over the years, with growth rates lying between 10 and 35% a year. Morocco too has continuously expanded its wind energy capacity with a significant growth in 2007 (95.6%) and 2009 (253%) resulting to a total capacity of 289MW.

Other Arab countries have had no further (Tunisia, Jordan) or minor (Syria with 0.3%/0.4% in 2007/2008 repectively) growth in the past years, their capacity amounting to 21.9MW in total. Though, Tunisia plans to build North Africa’s largest wind power project of 120MW near Dernah to be executed by Spanish Amtors Company.

Algeria and Lybia too are planning on smaller wind farms to be implemented in the coming years, such as a 10MW wind farm in Algeria in 2012 and a 61.75MW wind farm in Lybia.

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