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Scotland Awards $25 Million for Wave and Tidal Energy Projects

Published at: Mar 12, 2007
source: http://www.eere.energy.gov

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The Scottish Executive awarded the equivalent of more than $25 million in grants in late February to support a variety of wave and tidal energy projects. Most of the projects involve test installations at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, which aims to be a world-leader test facility for wave and tidal energy projects.
Among the wave energy awardees are CRE Energy, Ltd., which plans to deploy an array of four 750-kilowatt cylindrical Pelamis wave energy converters, developed by Ocean Power Delivery, Ltd. (OPD); AWS Ocean Energy, which will install its 500-kilowatt Archimedes Wave Swing; Ocean Power Technology (OPT), which will install its 150-kilowatt PowerBuoy; Aquamarine Power Ltd., which will deploy its Oyster, a near-shore device that is mounted o­n the seabed; and Wavegen, which will install a new turbine in its oscillating water column system o­n the isle of Islay.

The tidal energy awardees include ScotRenewables Ltd., which will install its 1.2-megawatt floating device with dual undersea rotors; OpenHydro Group Ltd., which will deploy a 750-kilowatt turbine o­n the sea floor; Tidal Generation Ltd., which will also mount its 1-megawatt turbines o­n the seabed, and CleanTechCom Ltd., an affiliate of Woodshed Technologies, which will install siphon pipes through a causeway o­n Orkney to take advantage of the tidal differences o­n either side of the barrier. See the press releases from ScotRenewables and OpenHydro and Woodshed Technologies' description of its Tidal Delay concept.

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