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Solar Energy Foundation (Stiftung Solarenergie) establishes an international solar school in Ethiopia

Published at: Jan 29, 2008
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By setting up the International Solar Energy School in Rema/Ethiopia, it will now be possible to competently train solar engineers within that country. The patrons and initial financers of the school are the German solar cell manufacturer Q-Cells AG, based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, and SolarPeace.ch, based in Kilchberg, Switzerland. The Solar Energy Foundation/Stiftung Solarenergie (Merzhausen/Addis Ababa) is the supporting organisation. The school's task is to equip would-be specialised personnel with the skills to open their own small solar business in rural areas. Therefore, apart from the technical training, they will also receive instruction on how to manage a business. German instructors will take charge of the technical side of the training, with Ethiopian instructors responsible for the managerial and economic aspects.
The three-month training period for electrical engineers wishing to become "rural solar energy managers" started already in December 2007. There are three parts to the training concept - technology, management and practical work experience. The German solar companies Energiebau Köln, Phaesun GmbH, Phocos AG and Q-Cells AG, which already have experience in rural electrification, will provide the instructors for the technology training. The participants shall carry out their work experience in Rema-Dire, currently the location of the Solar Energy Foundation's third solar village. In the run-op to this, a "train-the-trainer seminar" shall take place in Addis Ababa for the Ethiopian instructors.
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