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India: One of the top locations worldwide for solar energy: Rajasthan, India

Published at: Feb 27, 2012
source: EFY Times

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Rajasthan is one of the best locations for solar energy worldwide.

The indian state is situated in the north west of India. Rajasthan is by far the most popular location for projects under the National Solar Mission. The high radiation in the state and the high number of sunny days are the core reasons for that.

The average tariff in the region was around rs. 8.78/kwh. Although this tariff is extremly low, due to the existing conditions, the tariff is viable.

In total a 1MW plant in the west of Rajasthan can produce 1.85 units per year, whereas the plant in the rest of India produce on average 1.6 units.

The CEO of Solarplaza from the Netherlands, Edwin Koot stated that the overall conditions in Rajasthan are excellent to implement solar power in comparison to other regions in the world.

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