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Indonesia: PLN eyes Hydro Plant in Asahan

Published at: May 25, 2018
source: Jakarta Globe
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State utility provider PLN will build a new hyrdoelectirc power plant worth Rp. 2,2 trillion (244 million) in Asahan, North Sumatra. Japan's Nippon Keol would build the plant together with five local companies- Connusa Energindo, Kwarsa Hexagon, Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama, Tata Guna Patria und Jaya CM. The plant, part of PLN"s push to add 10.000 megawatts to the country's generating capacity is expected to provide 174 MW an begin operating by 2014. It currently has 1,527 MW with a pwak load of 1,365 MW, meaning its backup supply cannot support loads during maintenance.

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