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Fukushima residents tour German renewable village, learn about non-nuclear energy sources

Published at: Nov 30, 2011
source: Washington Post

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Germany is leading the way toward a nuclear-free future, and is showcasing the village of Feldheim in Brandenburg as an example of sustainability and security to a delegation of visitors from Fukushima, Japan.

Residents of Fukushima, the radiation-stricken area around Japan’s tsunami-hit nuclear reactors, are touring Germany to learn how renewable energy could work in their homeland.

Months after a March 11 earthquake and tsunami caused radiation leaks in Japan, the German government caved into popular protests to shutter its own nuclear reactors by 2020 and focus on expanding its network of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources.

Actor Taro Yamamoto, from Tokyo, accompanied the group of residents Wednesday. He said he hopes to motivate people in Japan to realize energy is not dependent on nuclear reactors.

The Japanese group toured a self-sustaining, energy-positive German village that relies entirely on renewables.

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