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Investment Opportunities - La Venta III wind power project

Published at: Apr 27, 2007
source: http://www.energia.gob.mx
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Mexico has been shut down to private investment in the energy sector since the early 40’s and it was until 1992, when the Power Sector Law was amended, when the sector opened partially to private capitals under the following schemes: Cogeneration , Self supply , Independent Power, Production (IPP), Exports, Imports for self consumption .
In 1995, a similar opening happened to the natural gas sector. Private investments are allowed today in this sector under the following topics: Transport, Storage, Distribution. The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) is in charge of issuing the permits related to the activities from the power and natural gas sectors that are opened to private investments since 1995. Investment Promotion Office The Investment Promotion Office was created o­n February 1996 with the sole purpose of being a “customer service” window for private investors interested in the Mexican energy sector; to manage their opinions, projects and initiatives regarding the power and natural gas sectors. Through this office, the Ministry of Energy assists investors who have interest in private projects for the Mexican energy sector. This office provides assistance to private projects under-development, participates in international and national forums to show and promote investment opportunities for private investors and provides information regarding the nation’s energy sector growth and the strategies used in the national energy policy. La Venta III wind power project The preliminary tender documents for this project, under the Independet Power Producer scheme, are already available at CFE's website for preview and comments: CE La Venta III Manzanillo LNG project To learn more o­n CFE’s Manzanillo project tender please visit the following link: Manzanillo LNG The official tender documents were published at Compranet’s web site under the following tender numbers: LNG supply 18164067-009-06 LNG terminal 18164067-010-06 Solar homes Last October 12th, the first interconected solar homes were constructed in Mexicali, Baja California. These low income homes have a 1 kW photovoltaic system that supports up to six lamps, a TV, a refrigerator, a fan and a small air conditioning system. The program will deliver 200 PV homes in o­ne of the most expensive power regions of the country and, also, o­ne of the most promising regions for the development of solar energy projects. For more information:
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