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India: India will overtake China in the demand for coal by 2030

Published at: Feb 7, 2012
source: Business Line

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In 2030 India probably burns more coal than China.

Both nations, India and China, are poised the be among the three economies which have the driving global fossil fuel consumption. The analysis is based on the BP Energy Outlook for 2030. According to this study the energy demand of china slows down during the next two decades, while in India further industrialisation takes place and therefore no deceleration in the demand is expected. The reason for Chinas slowdown is the prediction of a lower GDP growth compared to the last decade.

Still, in terms of energy consumption India remains on a lower path than China and 2030 India will "only" consume half of the energy China consumes today. Currently India accounts a third of growth in the global coal demand and this demand is still increasing. Today China accounts two thirds of the growth in coal demand but this demand is decreasing.

Coal remains the main commercial fuel for both nations. Nevertheless, Indias demand will drop in coal demand from 53% to 50% (share of coal in total fuel mix), however, Chinas drop is even sharper from 70% to 55%.

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