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GTZ Target Market Analysis: Rwanda’s Solar Energy Market

By: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

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Year: 2010
Pages: 32
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Rwanda is a densely populated, small country with a relatively low average income. Its small solar market was less than 60 kWp/annum in 2008 and total installed capacity is estimated to be below 1 MWp.

Solar power in Rwanda is mainly a procurement market for government and NGO institutional systems though there is an increasing demand for solar home systems. In 2008, Kigali Solair (up to now the largest solar PV project in Sub-Saharan Africa), injected 250 kW to the grid and plans are to expand to 1 MW. But still there remains no renewable energy feed-in tariff.

Rwanda is well-positioned to serve as an export market within the Great Lakes region. Since it is based mostly on procurement, current demand is extremely unpredictable and irregular. The future outlook however seems promising. High electricity prices, combined with some favourable policy indicate future opportunities in the solar water heater industry and also in the grid-connected solar PV market towards 2015. The government's solar energy related budget 2009 allocated USD 1.72 million, excluding project-related work, the majority will be spend for a strategic study of renewable energy.

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