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WKN Windkraft Nord Sells Another Wind Power Project in Italy

Published at: Sep 25, 2008
source: http://www.bmwi.de
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The project developers, WKN Windkraft Nord AG together with their subsidiary, WKN Italia and the joint venture, Aero-Sol s.r.l, have sold another wind energy project on the southern Italian island of Sicily. The Rocca Rossa wind park is situated in the centre of Sicily, about 60 kilometres south east of Palermo. The 58-megawatt wind park comprises 29 turbines, each with a power output of two megawatts, a rotor diameter of 90 metres, and a hub height of 90 metres. The project purchaser is M&A Rinnovabili s.r.l, a subsidiary of the southern Italian Moncada Energy Group. Following its sale, the completion of the Rocca Rossa project is now in the hands of the investors.
Completion of the construction work and commissioning of the park is possible by the end of 2009, according to estimates by WKN. The 29 turbines are to be connected to an existing network at 150kV, via a new transformer station. The external cable line is approximately seven kilometres long and follows the course of a provincial road. WKN project engineers dubbed the location Rocca Rossa due to the red, iron-rich stone that dominates the park's landscape. Following the sale and turnkey completion of the Francofonte wind park in 2007, WKN Windkraft Nord AG was able to use the greenfield Rocca Rossa project to strengthen its position on the southern Italian market. The approval procedure proved to be somewhat more complex than that encountered with the Francofonte project, since the wind park was approved during a transitional phase in the regulatory framework. While about 30 individual authorisations were required for Francofonte, in the case of Rocca Rossa, approval was given in the form of the so-called Autorizzazione Unica. In this procedure, a single authority gives blanket authorisation and consults with all of the other departments involved within the Conferenzia di Servizi (discussion). Although this was conceived as a simplification, and it complies with national law, it took some time until the procedure was finally implemented. The main reason was the prevailing uncertainty regarding the jurisdictions of the various departments. The Autorizzazione Unica was finally awarded at the end of 2007.

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