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Solarbest Deutschland GmbH

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Renewable Energies are our future - join us on our journey to the future!

In a sustainable economy that focusses on the integrity of creation and enables the preservation of a livable environment for our children, photovoltaic energy is an indispensable central pillar.

Solarbest is aware of the social responsibility towards upcoming generations - and faces it as an opportunity not to miss!  Since the founding of our company in 2007 we have been following one single target: the production of high quality, durable and reliable modules. Since May 2011, a new factory comprising a yearly capacity of 300 mw has been inaugurated and we significantly have been improving efficiency, warranty and capacity of our modules, furthermore have we set up two more European branches, in Germany and in Italy.  By being closer to you, we can assist you promptly and directly with your requirements.  We are envisioning a path to a better future, and hope you join us on our way!

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  • First Name: Peter
  • Last Name: Endres
  • Position: Marketing Manager
  • Email: endres@solarbest.info
  • Phone: 004971122254165
  • Fax: 004971122254200

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