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Ad Acta 2000 Export-Import Ltd

Our company deal with different products: agriculture product, oils and others. We have good business contact in Europe and wordwide. We deal in time some renewable energy product, such as pellet, solar panel, wind power products. Our goal is to help for the people life with it. We search more business relationship: investor, good product offer now.

Company Details
  • Business Type: Company - Wholesale and Distribution
  • Country: Hungary
  • State / Province / Region: Veszprem
  • City: Veszprem
  • Address: Szabadsag ter
  • Zip: 8200
  • Phone: +36208232682
  • Fax: +3688422586
  • Url: http://adacta2000.com
  • Email: adacta2000@gmail.com
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