Best Solar-powered Gadgets That Can Help You Survive the Wilderness

Once this pandemic is over, you may want to go on an exciting adventure in the wild. It could be a jaunt into a hidden forest or a trek into an unkempt woodland. Whatever you choose, the greatest challenge is to be able to thrive in any situation that you may encounter while exploring the wilderness. There’s some important gadges we will review today that could change your trip dramatically. From solar-powered radios to solar-powered cookers, there are some essential items you cannot forget.
To survive in the wilderness, the most vital thing to remember is to always be …

Enlit Asia Summit

In the Enlit Asia Summit, you will be offered content about strategies, solutions, and insights about the whole power value chain for over 3 days. Moreover, you will have a chance to see and learn from the ASEAN power sector’s senior members discuss and debate the important issues that affect the industry.
The freehubs will keep Enlit’s reputation as the event to go-to for the latest updates, insights, products, and studies that help shape the entire industry of energy….

Global Offshore Wind

With over 4500 professional wind networks from 40 countries, you can learn and experience a lot from the Global Offshore Wind. In the event, you can listen and interact with 200 experts through workshops, presentations, and panels.
Moreover, you can meet 160 exhibitors who will display the most advanced innovations that are changing the supply chain. You can also make your brand known and talk about your experience. Another great thing is that you can personalize your experience and create your own meeting, networking, socializing, and session programs….

Azelio’s Plans to Get into the Energy Storage Market in the US

Due to Azelio’s strategy to get into the US market, UL was picked as the authority to certify Azelio’s energy storage advancement that can produce a clean energy source. Following the European requirements, this long-standing technology will be CE certified because it is developed and produced in Sweden.
In terms of grid compliance and electrical safety, there are specific differences between European and American standards. Many North American grid standards refer to the UL. Therefore, they can evaluate Azelio’s product to check if it complies with the local grid codes and safety measures based on the context of how …

LS Power Introduces Battery Energy Storage Venture in California

LS Power has introduced Gateway Energy Storage which is the biggest battery energy storage venture worldwide. Located in the East Otay Mesa community in San Diego County in California, the 250 MW Gateway venture aims to improve grid dependability and decrease the energy costs of customers. To achieve this, the Gateway will give resources to utilities, customers, and different load servers in California.
Currently, the storage is at 230 MW and is expected to reach 250 MW when the month ends. Vista Energy Storage in Vista will be the next battery plan of LS Power and has been in operation since 2018. It was the biggest battery energy …

Microsoft and Equinor Work Together to Capture the Northern Lights Carbon and Store Value Chain

An MOU or Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Equinor with Microsoft to seek ways on supporting the capture of the Northern Lights carbon and value chain storage project as its technology ally. Moreover, Microsoft will investigate the storage and transportation of Northern Lights Carbon through the project. Equinor is also creating this project together with Total and Shell as partners.
It was in May 2020 when Equinor, Total, and Shell created a decision to make an investment in the Northern Lights carbon storage and transport plan with conditions. Upon the approval by the authorities, these parents will create a venture …

CleanBay Renewables Create An Anaerobic Digestion Facility

CleanBay is an environmental tech company that focuses on creating organic fertilizer, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas credits. The company has made an announcement of collaborating with one of the biggest and most reputable engineering and construction companies in North America, Kiewit Corporation.
By having this partnership, Kiewit will provide building, designing, and engineering services to the Westover bio-refinery of CleanBay. The refinery will utilize anaerobic digestion to recycle more than 150,000 tons of chicken litter every year. Then, it will be converted to a renewable natural energy source, fertilizer, and …

Wood Pellet Biomass Power Generation Establishments Acquired by Tokyo Gas

The Prominet Power Co. Ltd. announced that it acquired both the Ichihara Yawatafuto and Fushiki Manyofuto biomass power plants. The acquisition was expected to take place in mid-September 2020.
The Fushiki Manyofuto Biomass Power Plant is expected to be fully operational in October 2021 since it is now being constructed. It can generate a capacity of around 51 MW. For the Ichihara Yawatafuto plant, the construction is expected to start in October 2020 and fully operational starting October 2021.  In January 2024, it is planned to be commissioned.
Due to the acquisitions, it is expected that Tokyo Gas will have its renewable…

Ductor Stops Funding for Sustainable Projects Development

BW Group, a leading maritime group in the gas, offshore, and tanker sectors invested a great amount in Ductor. Utilizing fish or agricultural waste to make organic fertilizer and a renewable energy source will be the focus of the new projects. These are designed to decrease the production of emissions of greenhouse gas in the agriculture and energy industries.
Moreover, it can create an economy that is more sustainable according to the new European Green Deal.
Because of this investment, BW Group will not only be a partner but also a big shareholder in Ductor. In the past year, Ductor launched its first green and operational …

Triton Knoll Pre-Assembly Center Levels Up Activity

To set up 90 of its turbines at the Triton Knoll project, MHI Vestas has moved into ASP or Able Seaton Port in Hartlepool in the UK. The Triton Knoll project will start in the 1st quarter of 2021.
There is a large increase in the activity of offshore wind because of the transition. Moreover, it supports the main function of offshore wind to provide the net-zero goals of the UK and help the recovery of the green economy due to the current pandemic. ASP will assist by serving the logistics of the turbines and the center for pre-assembly of the project. They expect the parts to be delivered next month.
Before they get loaded for…