Science Trashketball: A Fun Review Game

Trashketball is a hit in the classroom because it wraps up review sessions with excitement and a bit of friendly competition. It’s especially great for subjects like renewable energy, where details can be dense and a bit dry. Turning a quiz into a sporty event with this Trashketball template gets everyone involved, from the eager learners to those who might usually hang back. It’s not just about recalling facts; it’s about team spirit, strategy, and a bit of physical fun, which really shakes up the normal classroom vibe and helps students remember the material better.

What You Need

  • A large trash can or bin: This will serve as the “basket.”
  • Soft balls or crumpled paper balls: These will be used as “basketballs.”
  • Trashketball game template: Download the template and customize the game template with your review questions related to renewable energy and solar systems.
  • Tape: To mark the throwing line on the floor.
  • A timer (optional): To regulate the time for each round.


Setting up your classroom for Trashketball involves a bit of rearrangement. Position the trash can at one end of the room, and lay down a tape line about 10-15 feet away, depending on the age and skill of your students—that’s your throw line. Make sure there’s plenty of room for safe movement, and arrange the desks so everyone can see the action. Before the game, come up with a range of questions about renewable energy, some easy, some challenging, to cater to all levels in your class. Divide the class into small teams, mixing up abilities to keep teams balanced. Take a few minutes to review the rules with your students, emphasizing fair play and safety.

Game Rules

Trashketball aims to score points through correct answers and successful shots. Each team takes turns picking a question card. They get 30 seconds to confer and come up with an answer. A right answer earns them a shot at the bin. They can choose who takes the shot or rotate shooters – whatever their strategy calls for. They rack up extra points if they answer correctly and then land the ball in the bin. It’s thrilling when the whole class cheers for a tough question answered correctly or a particularly spectacular shot. The game continues until all questions are answered or your set time is up, and the team with the most points wins. Maybe offer the winners a small prize or special privilege for extra motivation.

Extra Tips

It’s important to foster a good-natured competitive spirit. Encourage students to support one another and play fair. If some questions prove too tricky and the mood starts to dip, don’t hesitate to adjust their difficulty on the fly to keep everyone engaged. Always prioritize safety—ensure all students keep a safe distance from the throw line and the trash can during shots. After each question, go over the answer to ensure everyone understands and remove the key points, turning each round into a learning moment. Trashketball isn’t just a game; it’s an active learning tool that helps students learn and retain knowledge in a fun, inclusive setting. So let’s get that energy up and those paper balls flying!

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