Renewable Solar News is a publishing firm that specializes in producing quality reading magazines about technology for leading industries You will see our global magazine in more than 100 countries across 5 continents around the world. This allowed our company to generate 95% of its revenue from the market abroad.

Our publication company is a family business that started in 1947. It has had a long heritage that was initially established to inform and convey information about the latest technology in general engineering to Europeans. It had since then created a distinct reputation for publishing quality content to different journals and magazines.

We have had one goal throughout our company’s history. That is to impart superb quality content in many countries around the world. Due to the changing times, our content has widened so that we can cater to the different needs of our readers.

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Latest Events

4 Solar-powered Gadgets to Survive the Wilderness

Once this pandemic is over, you may want to go on an exciting adventure in the wild. It could be a tour into a hidden forest or a trek into an unkempt woodland. Whatever you choose, the greatest challenge is to thrive in any situation you may encounter while exploring the wilderness. There are some essential gadgets we will review today that could change your trip dramatically. From solar-powered radios to solar-powered cookers, there are some important items you cannot forget.
To survive in the wilderness, the most vital thing to remember is always to be prepared. Most …

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Solar Hot Water System

With solar power increasing in popularity, so are solar hot water systems. There are several major benefits to using one of these systems. Notably, your carbon footprint will be lower, and you will spend less money on your electric bill. At the same time, you will not have a problem delivering hot water in high volumes to any source in your house.
Before we will dive deeper into the details, let’s understand the basics. The video below will help you to understand, how to identify the setup for a hot water system.
Understanding Why Solar Panels Have a Peak Power
Every time a solar panel is created it undergoes a…

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Increase in Corporate Solar Funding

Corporate funding for the solar sector experienced a significant increase in the first quarter of 2021, including various aspects of corporate funding, such as debt financing, the public market, and venture capital financing. According to a report by Mercom Capital, one of the world’s leading clean energy consulting and communications agencies, the solar sector enjoyed an increase of up to 21% during the first quarter alone.
This was valued at 8.1 billion USD and comprised of 36 deals. This is a stark contrast to the …

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Enlit Asia Summit

In the Enlit Asia Summit, you will be offered content about strategies, solutions, and insights about the whole power value chain for over 3 days. Moreover, you will have a chance to see and learn from the ASEAN power sector’s senior members discuss and debate the important issues that affect the industry.
The freehubs will keep Enlit’s reputation as the event to go-to for the latest updates, insights, products, and studies that help shape the entire industry of energy….

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Global Offshore Wind

With over 4500 professional wind networks from 40 countries, you can learn and experience a lot from the Global Offshore Wind. In the event, you can listen and interact with 200 experts through workshops, presentations, and panels.
Moreover, you can meet 160 exhibitors who will display the most advanced innovations that are changing the supply chain. You can also make your brand known and talk about your experience. Another great thing is that you can personalize your experience and create your own meeting, networking, socializing, and session programs….

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