EU Invests Money on Solar Energy Technology Research

To maximize the use of solar energy, storing and making sure it is always available is a must. Researchers from Chalmers University have shown how MOST or Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System can make this possible. This technology that they have created can be crucial so that fossil fuel will not be used as a source of energy.

Because of this, it has gained a lot of interest across the globe. This technology can also harness and store solar energy for 18 years without any big losses when transported and released. The results from the laboratory tests are great, but the actual use of MOST in real life and on a larger scale is needed.

Researchers from institutions and universities in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Spain will collaborate to make products that can be utilized in actual applications. They will focus on making technology that is more efficient, environmental-friendly, and cost-effective.

The MOST technology has exceeded expectations in terms of its advancement. In the preliminary demonstrations conducted at Chalmers, researchers utilized the technology through a window film to make a better climate indoors in hot weather. The application of this has started through Solartes AB, a spin-off company.

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