Azelio’s Plans to Get into the Energy Storage Market in the US

Due to Azelio’s strategy to get into the US market, UL was picked as the authority to certify Azelio’s energy storage advancement that can produce a clean energy source. Following the European requirements, this long-standing technology will be CE certified because it is developed and produced in Sweden.

In terms of grid compliance and electrical safety, there are specific differences between European and American standards. Many North American grid standards refer to the UL. Therefore, they can evaluate Azelio’s product to check if it complies with the local grid codes and safety measures based on the context of how certifications are given for a project in California.

Safety requirements based on NEC or National Electrical Codes, grid connection regulations, and pressure regulations are some of the requirements that Azelio’s technology needs to meet. Having more than 100 years of experience in the industry, UL’s work for certifications and standards have been updated recently. This is to give a better evaluation of how safe the installation is.

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