Triton Knoll Pre-Assembly Center Levels Up Activity

To set up 90 of its turbines at the Triton Knoll project, MHI Vestas has moved into ASP or Able Seaton Port in Hartlepool in the UK. The Triton Knoll project will start in the 1st quarter of 2021.

There is a large increase in the activity of offshore wind because of the transition. Moreover, it supports the main function of offshore wind to provide the net-zero goals of the UK and help the recovery of the green economy due to the current pandemic. ASP will assist by serving the logistics of the turbines and the center for pre-assembly of the project. They expect the parts to be delivered next month.

Before they get loaded for transportation going to the wind farm, the blades, nacelles, and turbine tower sections will be arranged and assembled at ASP. Triton Knoll is the 857 MC offshore wind farm that is being constructed by RWE Renewables in collaboration with Kansai Electric Power and J-Power.

This is RWE’s most powerful offshore project. When the construction of the wind farm is completed, it can generate renewable energy that is equal to 800,000 UK homes’ needs.

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