CleanBay Renewables Create An Anaerobic Digestion Facility

CleanBay is an environmental tech company that focuses on creating organic fertilizer, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas credits. The company has made an announcement of collaborating with one of the biggest and most reputable engineering and construction companies in North America, Kiewit Corporation.

By having this partnership, Kiewit will provide building, designing, and engineering services to the Westover bio-refinery of CleanBay. The refinery will utilize anaerobic digestion to recycle more than 150,000 tons of chicken litter every year. Then, it will be converted to a renewable natural energy source, fertilizer, and renewable electricity.

Kiewit has had more than 130 years of experience in delivering effective and efficient projects in various industries such as power plants, anaerobic digestion plants, and water treatment plants. Due to its success and vast experience, it provides quality construction work that meets the safety requirements. For CleanBay, it has a special ESG or environmental, social, and governance profile because it can reduce soil, water, and air pollution.

The preparation of the site is now on-going, and the construction is expected to start at the latter part of the year at the Westover facility.

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