Wood Pellet Biomass Power Generation Establishments Acquired by Tokyo Gas

The Prominet Power Co. Ltd. announced that it acquired both the Ichihara Yawatafuto and Fushiki Manyofuto biomass power plants. The acquisition was expected to take place in mid-September 2020.

The Fushiki Manyofuto Biomass Power Plant is expected to be fully operational in October 2021 since it is now being constructed. It can generate a capacity of around 51 MW. For the Ichihara Yawatafuto plant, the construction is expected to start in October 2020 and fully operational starting October 2021.  In January 2024, it is planned to be commissioned.

Due to the acquisitions, it is expected that Tokyo Gas will have its renewable energy volume increased by 126 MW. The total transaction amount of the company will be greater than 1300 MW. Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation, which is another subsidiary of Tokyo Gas, will be the company’s consultant. Therefore, it is assigned to maintain and operate the Ichihara Yawatafuto Biomass Power Plant.

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