IFM and Trafigura Investors Create Nala Renewables

The Trafigura Group Pte Ltd Trafigura is an independent trading enterprise of commodities that established a new business called Nala Renewables to fund a series of power, wind, and solar storage projects around the world.
Nala Renewables has a bold objective of building a renewable energy project portfolio with a 2 GW amassed capacity to operate in construction or later stages of development for 5 years. It is a collaborative venture with IFM Investors.
IFM Investors is a worldwide fund manager institution. The 2 firms had worked together before in Impala Terminals which was a joint venture made in 2018.
Nala …

California Wildfire Smoke Has Weakened the Generation of Solar Energy

In September 2020, CAISO or California Independent System Operator reported that the average solar power generated has decreased by almost 30% from July 2020 as a result of the wildfires that occurred in California. The generation of solar-powered electricity covers 90% of the solar capacity in utility-scale in the state.
Smoke from wildfires has minute airborne particles that usually measure 2.5 micrometers or smaller. Therefore, these particles can decrease the amount of sunlight that enters the solar panels. As a result, there is also a decrease in the generation of solar electricity.
As of September 28th, it has been …

EU Invests Money on Solar Energy Technology Research

To maximize the use of solar energy, storing and making sure it is always available is a must. Researchers from Chalmers University have shown how MOST or Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System can make this possible. This technology that they have created can be crucial so that fossil fuel will not be used as a source of energy.
Because of this, it has gained a lot of interest across the globe. This technology can also harness and store solar energy for 18 years without any big losses when transported and released. The results from the laboratory tests are great, but the actual use of MOST in real life and on a larger scale …