IFM and Trafigura Investors Create Nala Renewables

The Trafigura Group Pte Ltd Trafigura is an independent trading enterprise of commodities that established a new business called Nala Renewables to fund a series of power, wind, and solar storage projects around the world.

Nala Renewables has a bold objective of building a renewable energy project portfolio with a 2 GW amassed capacity to operate in construction or later stages of development for 5 years. It is a collaborative venture with IFM Investors.

IFM Investors is a worldwide fund manager institution. The 2 firms had worked together before in Impala Terminals which was a joint venture made in 2018.

Nala Renewables will do the task of identifying, building, and operating projects that can produce renewable energy in the markets operated by Trafigura. These markets can be located mainly in Asia, Europe, and some emerging industries. Moreover, the company will also seek opportunities carefully to get assets or companies in different developmental stages that are appropriate for the portfolio.

It will also create and operate mining projects of Trafigura Group and the latter’s other global assets. Generated renewable energy will be utilized as a source of energy for the facilities. 15 professionals will be initially hired and supported by Trafigura and IFM investors. As the portfolio develops, more people will be added to the team.

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