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VITO Surface Protection Tape

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Polyurethane film protects rotor blades of wind power stations against erosion

Rotor blades of wind power stations are permanently exposed to heavy loads like driving rain with a relative speed about 160 mph, hail, insects, and dust particles. If rotor blades do not bear any protective coating, these influences will damage the surface in the course of time. An optimal protection against wear and tear, erosion and abrasion can be achieved by applying a transparent polyurethane film. Such film needs to be stabilised against ultraviolet radiation.

VITO premium surface protection films are coated on one side with a high-grade transparent acrylic adhesive. They possess an excellent resistance against abrasion and, thanks to their superior ductility, can be applied to convex surfaces. VITO surface protection films are printable and paintable with high quality varnishes. They are available in thicknesses of 200 µm and 300 µm.

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