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Greece - Solar Energy Country Market Pofile


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Godina: 2008
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National and regional renewable energy policies

The federal German Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz, EEG) is the relevant support scheme to promote the use of solar electricity in Germany. The federal German Renewable Energy Heating Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Wärmegesetz, EEWärmeG) in conjunction with the federal market incentive programme (Marktanreizprogramm, MAP) are the main support schemes promoting the use of solar thermal in Germany. For further details, please refer to chapter 2.3.

Important regulations affecting the renewable energy value chain

PV Systems - application or licensing procedures
For rooftop systems (PV), there is no official application required. Upon installation of a PV system
and following notification, the grid system operator is required to connect the system to the grid. Ground-mounted systems can be set up only at sites specified in the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (so-called conversion areas, e.g. former airports, sites which are not suitable for agricultural use, etc.). Operators of PV plants do have to apply to local authorities for these sites. However, if the necessary requirements are met, the application process is straight-forward. Due to the profound experience of having a feed-in tariff scheme in Germany for more than 15 years there are hardly any bureaucratic barriers when planning/installing PV systems.

Certification of Photovoltaic Modules
As of yet, certification of PV applications is not mandatory. However, installers and customers usually
only accept PV modules which are certified according to IEC 61 215 or IEC 61 46.
The VDE Testing and Certification Institute1 is accredited on national and international level for the
testing and certification of electro-technical equipment, components and systems and recommends companies to follow their various quality standards.

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