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Chennai hosts most green buildings in India

Published at: Feb 14, 2012
source: The Times Of India

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With 42 green buildings Chennai is greener than any other city in India.

In total 212 structures are classified as ecofriendly in India by the Green Building Council (IGBC). A green building is a building that uses less water, that operates energy efficient and sustainable. It conserves more natural resources and has better indoor environmental quality that the normal houses.

With 42 of them in Chennai, the city is leading in India followed by Mumbai with 29 green buildings. Hyderabad and Bangalore are following with 24 green buildings. After a huge cut Kolkata follows with 8 environment-friedly buildings.

The state with the most green buildings is Tamil Nadu (57) and even more have registered for the classification in 2011. Salem, Siruseri and Coimbatore come in last with one green building each.

According to the IGBC there is an increase in buildung ecofriendly houses in Tamil Nadu since the state has been awarded green certifications. Between 2004 and 2008 Chennai only won 10 certificates, between 2009 and 2011 the number increased to 37. This could be due to the fact that green certificates mirror corporate social responsibility as well. Consequently the registrations for green certificates increased also.

The rating of the IGBC is divided into four categories: platinum at the top, gold, silver and certified buildings.

At first the creation of a green building is more expensive than to build a normal one, but in the longterm the returns are high. The green building costs about 3 to 4 percent more, but the building consumes around 40 to 50 percent less energy and cuts water consumption by almost 40 percent.

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