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Near-surface or shallow geothermal energy is produced from stored geothermal energy at depths of one to approximately 400m. The proper development of the heat source (ground water, soil, rock) is one of the most important aspects during planning. The core of every heat pump system is the heat source system. For this reason we offer a careful planning and implementation of the heat source that will guarantee many years of operational reliability and a high efficiency of the heat pump. We work with the leading manufacturers of heat pumps, experienced drilling and well construction companies and installation specialists.

We offer following services for the development of your project. This is an exemplary listing that will be adjusted for each project individually.


  • General preliminary investigation - basic evaluation
    • geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical survey
    • preliminary clarification of regulatory approvals
    • site-specific survey and preliminary evaluation
    • user-specific survey and preliminary evaluation
    • hydrogeological technical potential study, recommendation of appropriate energy source
    • efficiency analysis
    • cost estimation
  • Detailed investigation, detailed planning, bidding process
    • Supervision and evaluation of test drilling/pump test or reference ground loop
    • ground water balance, hydrochemical risk analysis
    • hydrogeological, thermal modeling and numerical modeling
    • planning and supervision of geothermal response test (GRT) for geothermal ground loop field
    • evaluation GRT and computer modeling
    • proposals for details of completion (well and ground loop field geometry, heat source design) and plant design
    • preparation of documents related to the bidding process
    • technical supervision of bidder meetings
    Project implementation - construction phase
    • site management and supervision
    • preservation of evidence
    • cost control
    • object supervision, documentation and approval
    Approval procedures
    • water law procedures
    • other approvals: mining law (> 200 KW, >100m), building laws
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