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Brasil: Biomass Power Generation Brazil: Unleashing the potential of biomass-fired power generation

Published at: 17/05/2012
source: renewableenergyworld.com

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Realizing cost savings and huge new revenues from turning biomass waste products into thermal and electrical energy


Green Power Conferences has announced its program for the upcoming Biomass Power Generation Brazil conference that will be held in São Paulo between September 18th and 20th. The conference is part of Green Power's continued commitment to Latin America: one of the world's major markets for biofuel energy production.

Highlights include keynote addresses from leading Brazilian green investors and pioneers, Bernardo Gradin, Pedro Moura Costa and Ozires Silva. There will also be a “large-scale energy consumers and producers” panel and a government policy panel featuring leading directors from ANEEL, EPE and MME.

Brazil has ambitious plans to power the country using biomass-fired generation. In the government’s “Ten Year Plan for Energy”, it set out a target of 8.5GW per annum of biomass-fired power by 2019, utilizing bioelectricity from not only sugarcane bagasse but also purpose grown, non-food energy crops such as eucalyptus trees.

The country still has many challenges to overcome before the potential of its biomass power sector can be fully realized and it is critical that the government urgently tackle industry concerns regarding the biomass auctions before biomass-fired power can be truly competitive with solar, wind and hydro. However, in a country with such abundant biomass and land for further cultivation, it is surely only a matter of time before these obstacles are overcome and Brazil leads the way in bioelectrical generation.


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