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India: India and Pakistan work together to address climate change

Published at: Feb 16, 2012
source: Pakistan Today

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From now on Pakistan and India work together to address the challenges to climate change. Delegations from both countries decided unanimously in that topic.

They stressed the importance to address the challenges to the climate change in order to ensure sustainable livelyhoods, conservation of biodiversity, efficient use of water, food and energy security, the promotion of low carbon sustainable development as well as building resilient communities and networks.

Stakeholders from Pakistan and India adopted the resolution at the last day of the "Track II Dialogue on (Climate) Change for peace. The Dialogue was organized by the Heinrich Boll Stiftung and the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

In order to overcome poverty and achieve economic growth both nations have to meet the growing energy needs. Therfefore the continous access to affordable and sustainable energy should be ensured. One step in the right direction is the establishment of the South Asian Energy Grid.

For this instance governments, research and academic institutions, businesses as well as civil society organizations and other stakeholders should work together to identify best policies and practices.

In order to promote gender equality, woman must be participate in all decision-making processes. Besides that the existing network of South Asian Expatriates is able to provide finacial support, technical advice and knowledge.

In the end the Pak-India Resolution puts some emphasis on the decisions made by the SAARC as well.

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