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RERi is an international brand with 12 years background of success in the solar industry. We would now like to transmit the success of the markets in which we have already established into new markets, with the help of a franchise system.

By means of our on-site franchise partners, we will provide trade and end customers with additional on the spot expertise and services. We are growing in all sectors of the solar PV industry: residential, commercial, and state/ governmental projects.

The Internet will play the key role as the main component of the sales organization and customer acquisition process.
To do this, a strong brand, RERi PVtv, was specifically created for the global Internet business. RERi PVtv is the perfect brand name, as it is universally unambiguous, has a memorable quality, and is able to evoke understanding in countries around the world.

RERi PVtv provides reports on fairs, manufacturers, state-of-the-art technology, and installations by means of its presenter teams throughout the world. It will also provide reports on political, financial and legal developments and updates. In addition to its focus on TV coverage, RERi PVtv also offers webinars, news tickers, a forum, and other online services where customers and trade partners can work together on an interactive platform. As an innovative, informative, and mobile online  portal, RERi PVtv provides companies in the photovoltaic sector a fast, clearly structured, and cost-optimized opportunity for growth and purchasing supplies.

The informative RERi PVtv online portal is used for customer acquisition; the prospective buyers from there are then advised and supported via our trained field service team. Apart from the meticulous and daily updated onlineportal, the transfer of know-how to our franchise partners and their team is our key focus. Together they guarantee our global success.

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