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Chokes / reactors / electrotechnical line filter up to 2500A

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Green core Inductive Systems is developed for reactors in grid feeding and back dining converters.

It is useful for single-phase as well as three-phaseapplications and can also be used for many several reactor and transformer-topologies and applications like:

Power electronics, intelligent drive technology, power quality

!NEW! With potential-free watercooling-system !NEW!Green core - the energy saver in Power Quality: effective for regenerative inverters

  • High power efficiency
  • Switching frequency up to 20 kHz
  • Reduced design size and weightiness
  • Low noise emission
  • Manufactured in according to the
  • certified insulation system UR E181051

Highest quality standards for Green core-reactors:

  • exclusive use of high-quality materials and major manufacturers
  • high-grade plastics
  • magnet wires and impregnation systems in the insulation class H
  • high surge-voltage and insulation strength

We offer a wide range of power quality products:

  • Commutation reactors
  • Boost inductor also for back dining devices
  • Line reactors
  • Smoothing chokes
  • Filter chokes
  • Filter circuit reactor
  • Motor reactor
  • non-standard and special design also according to your details
  • water-cooled design
  • vacuum block casting compound also with cooling elements
  • integrated temperature monitoring
  • own UL insulation systems for insulation materials class B and F
  • consultation and maintenance servicing for the UL approval of your complete system


  • Manufactured in according to UR E181051 insulation system
  • VDE0570-1 (EN61558-1 / IEC 61558-1):safety of transformers, power supply units, etc.
  • VDE0570-2-20 (EN61558-2-20 / IEC61558-2-20):special requirements for small reactors

Green core

Filterkreisdrossel 250A

3 AC Choke
Weight: 400 kg / 750 kW
for grid feeding inverter systems

more applications

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