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Components Citel DLA-170

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Application analog + DSL
Connection 1 twin wire + shield
Nominal voltage (Un) 150V
Max. operating voltage DC/AC (Uc) 170/121V
Max. operating current (IL) 300mA
Protection level (8/20) μs (Up) 220V
Nominal impulse discharge surge current (8/20) μs (In) 5kA
Marginal leakage current (8/20) μs (Imax) 20kA
Surge current (10/350) μs (Iimp) 5kA
Resistor per path (R) <4Ω
Capacity (C) <25pF
Response time (tA) <1ns
Device defect Short circuit
Mounting on Cap rail
Terminal cross-section max. 1,5mm²
Earthing via Cap rail/screw
Quantity unit 1

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