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African Alternative Technologies (AATec)

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African Alternative Technologies (AATec) was formed with the primary objective of positioning itself as an Alternative Energy project developer and technology supplier and is associated with experts in consulting regarding financing of green projects. AATec has preferential agreements in place with cutting edge technology development companies; and has engaged with individuals and organisations who assist companies in setting and realising their environmental objectives, by identifying and connecting clients with projects to offset or negate the carbon generated by clients business operations.

Our primary focus at present is the opportunity created by NERSA finalising the REFIT, and how this relates to our Joint Venture's with HelioDynamics of the UK, Launchpoint Technologies, FasTransit, Gravity Power and Green Wave Energy Corp of the USA. The application of these cutting edge, and innovative technologies towards achieving South Africa's ambitious Renewable Energy target as set by the 2002 White paper, and the stimulation of the economy, job creation, rural empowerment and the reduction of green house gas emissions are AATec's current priorities.
South Africa is in the fortunate position to draw on all the experience and technological advancements of the world before embarking on this ambitious goal, and we at AATec believe we have some of the most advanced, innovative, efficient and cost effective solution for Utility Scale Renewable energy, enegy storage, energy saving and cutting edge transport solutions available at this time, Consequently AATec looks forward to exciting progress in the immediate future and is interested in partnering with Government and communities as well as aligned businesses in implimenting this viable solution.

African Alternative Technologies (AATec) was created by a group of committed citizens, who are dedicated to making a difference in our challenged society. The obstacles to a sustainable future are created by a "Business as Usual approach" and the industrial age model has left society vulnerable.

We take the approach of focussing on the solutions, and although it is essential to be aware of what has caused society's current predicament, to dwell on the problems is counterproductive as the only way forward is action.

The Team have all been active in developing, consulting, promoting and lobbying, solutions in different ways for many years, and  these activities have been in the sectors of sustainable agriculture, community development and renewable energy primarily. Socially and environmentally responsible entrepreaneurship is the way we aproach business as it has the added bennefit of delivering substantially to the triple bottom line in the near term and even more so into the future.

People, Planet, and Profit is the credo.

The Flagship solution we have developed is the Sustainable Integrated Decentralised Agro-processing and Community Development Project, or SID

Our SID model and its associated technology offers good returns to investors and is not reliant on ongoing government subsidies. Job creation is maximised in the project which is primarily based on Agro-processing, biomass to bio-energy production and includes the complete value chain, while empowering community ownership in the project, (this is a fundamental component of the business model). Communities are incrementally developed as suppliers of the feedstock, by employing technology driven processes, through Co-operatives and Worker's Trusts and by utilising the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) mechanism.

The SID also addresses the challenge of Food Vs Fuel constructively and actually enhances food and energy security at the same time, through its innovative methodology and approach. The SID model is an African Alternative Energy (AAE) project, which is a sister company to AATec, as well as being a home grown solution, an African solution for Africa.

On the Renewable Energy front AATec has focussed on a number of solutions, and the opportunities created by our Joint Ventures and exclusive agencies with cutting edge technology developers and equipment manufactures are very exciting right now, as well as holding great prospects for future development .

HelioDynamics has developed cutting edge world class, Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector Solar thermal Technology for Utility Scale Electricity generation and storage, industrial and comercial process heat, cooling and desalinisation.

LaunchPoint Technologies has developed a number of cutting edge technologies and we are concentrating on their Gravity Power Utility Scale Electricity storage systems and the FasTransit Magnetic Levitation transport solutions at the moment.

Green Wave Energy Corp is developing cutting edge technology in the Renewable Energy sector and focuses on wind, wave and water current electricity generation.

AATec is developing a pilot 1Mw Solar Thermal Electricity Generation project with 6 hours storage to demonstrate the viability of the technology as proof of the magnitude of this opportunity, in line with the opportunity created by the Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff (REFIT) programme finalised by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) last year.

Heliodynamics CLFR solar thermal technology that AATec is focussing on is revolutionary in many ways!

We believe these projects will contribute substantially towards realising the targets set by our government in the renewable energy white paper and in creating a growth sector inspite of the adverse economic conditions currently afecting our country.

AAtec invites everyone who identifies with these ambitions and principals and would like to partisipate in any way to contact us.

This is a major undertaking and is not only the responsibility of the AATec team, but all people and organisations who identify with the solutions and approach being emphasised, and feel they can contribute or would like to participate.


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