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Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Economy and Sustainable Development

Macro-economic stability and international cooperation shape the modern market economy of South Africa. Since the end of apartheid, the South African economy has changed fundamentally. Adaptation to the globalised world after ceasing the isolation of the apartheid succeeded surprisingly well. However, the challenge of guaranteed participation of all population groups in the economical life still remains after ten years of democracy. South Africa is an attractive location for business and investment because of political stability, developed infrastructure and favourable location factors. South Africa as the main investor on the African continent and with its strong focus towards Africa as a whole is considered to be the “Gateway to Africa”.

Germany and South Africa are closely interlinked by multifaceted economical relations. Germany is South Africa’s main economic partner. More than 450 German enterprises are represented in South Africa. These make an important contribution to the industrial output, employment, professional training and technological development via diversified technology transfer.

The Economic Section of the Embassy
The Trade and Economics Division observes and analyses the overall economic development in South Africa, inter alia, the process of economic transformation, economic and financial policy. The economic team also covers various economic sectors (among others energy, research and technology, “grey” environment, tourism and mineral resources).

We focus on networking with the government and economy, attending to economy delegations and promoting Germany as a prime location for business and investment. The Trade and Economics Division supports and advises enterprises in cooperation with the South African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGC) and the local correspondent of the General Federal Office of Foreign Trade. We are service provider and partner to the German economy, offering political assistance and a reliable network.

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