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United States: Three thoughts on: Transferring the Energiewende to partner countries

Interview with Bernhard Zymla, Head of GIZ Energy


Is GIZ involved in the communication of the German Energiewende in its partner countries?

In most of our partner countries, political decision-makers are very interested in knowing what’s going on in terms of the Energiewende. They have gotten a lot of information from the international press but they also want to know more from us directly. So, we organised an internal seminar with our colleagues to improve our communication with respect to the Energiewende. We also organised trips to Germany for high-level employees from partner countries where they visited institutions that play an important role in the Energiewende, besides having discussions with local municipalities to see how the Energiewende actually works here.

How can GIZ contribute to the transfer of the lessons learned from the German Energiewende to GIZ partner countries?

We’ve analysed in detail the development of different renewable energy technologies in Germany and the energy policy to promote these technologies. We are trying to adapt some of the steps taken in Germany to the conditions in our partner countries and build up required local capacities. For instance, we are supporting partner countries in the grid integration of fluctuating renewable energies. At the same time, we are also investigating what’s good in emerging countries that could be transferred to the German context.

Are there specific future activities envisaged by GIZ regarding the Energiewende?

GIZ is currently conducting intensive discussions with the Ministries of Environment, External Affairs, and Economics and Technology. Our aim is to support these ministries in disseminating information regarding the Energiewende within Europe and worldwide. For instance, we are looking at how to support the Ministry of External Affairs in developing road shows for our embassies abroad. We are also involved in intensive discussions with some German states to assist them in building links to developing and emerging countries for better collaboration in the field of energy.

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