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Hannevind Vindkraft AB

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Hannevind Wind AB manufactures and sells small wind turbines, farm work to the farm, business or house. Electricity production from these small-scale wind turbines, from 8-10 000 kWh / year for the smallest plant, and 60-100 000 kWh / year for the largest plant. Hann Wind turbines, masts and accessories are manufactured, tested and assembled in Sweden according to the following standards. The works are CE marked and comply with the requirements of AMP's connection to the mains.

Company Details
  • Business Type: Company - Construction
  • Country: Sweden
  • State / Province / Region: Skåne
  • City: Kristianstad
  • Address: Köpingevägen 111
  • Zip: ?
  • Phone: +46 (0)44 237150
  • Url: http://hannevind.com
  • Email: info@hannevind.com
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