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India: Indias opportunities and challenges in going green

Published at: Jan 27, 2012
source: Economic Times

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India as a developing country is confronted with a lot of challenges. However, at the same time India has some great advantages in going green.

India challenges as a developing country, e.g. low linving standard, inadequate facilietes etc., lie ahead. The country is confronted with these aspects. At the same time there is an increasing need to establish a greener way-of-life in India, predominatly in the industry sector. For the indian government it seems to difficult to find the right balance in developing and environmental issues. Especialy in india where the needs by far exaggerate the available resources and means. That's why development issues appear to be more important that environmental issues. However, experts believe in a win-win situation and India has a great vantage point right now.

The fast growing industry in India created a demand for energy which by far exaggerate the existing supply. This trend is accompained by increasing costs for energy and low maintainance. Hence for investors it makes more sense to invest in long-term, high-output clean energy. Due to its unique geographical position india is blessed with sunshine and wind all over the year. Observing that the costs of setting up a traditional power plant are hardly lower than a clean power plant, investing in green long-term technology should be preferred. Additionally the indian government supports setting up these plants.

Due to the existing gap in supply and demand in energy as well as in water investors are almost forced to invest in smart (and clean) technology.

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